Kurt Robinson

Kurt-in-the-HuntressLucky for me, I was born and raised in Kanab, aka “Utah’s Little Hollywood”, and the Hub of the Grand Circle of national parks and monuments. Kanab is surrounded by some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes and vistas. The variety of scenery in this area has attracted many Hollywood producers, bringing the Western movie industry to Kanab. Hundreds of films including Gunsmoke, MacKenna’s Gold, Apple Dumpling Gang and The Lone Ranger were filmed in the area. My Grandpa Merrill would lease his land and farm animals to these outfits, leaving me with the memories of styrofoam boulders and rubber tip arrows.

I grew up around tour guides. Some of the first guides to reveal Kanab’s bounty of ruins, slot canyons, and limitless scenery to the visiting public were my Grandfather Merrill and Uncle Grant, owners of Robinson Ranch Tours. Even some of the old classic western movies were staged on Robinson family land, the old sets later making nostalgic tour stops. As a teen I continued learning the guide trade with family at Sanderson’s River Expeditions, a pioneering rafting company in the Grand Canyon. As a young man I took on my own adventures as Assistant Boatman for Grand Canyon Expeditions out of Kanab. I’ve also gained several years of off-road touring experience with various outfits over the years. With most of my life spent outdoors, I’ve developed a keen eye for photography.

Thanks to my movie-set-building friends at Kimotions, I eventually had the experience of working with special effects coordinators Eddie Surkin and Lou Perez. I got to meet actors like Kiefer Sutherland, Martin Sheen and Linda Hunt. I also assisted location directors like Frank Pierson from Paramount Pictures and Master Photographers like Peter Lik (Weather Channel), Frans Lanting and Richard Barnes (National Geographic), and student videographers assigned to At Your Leisure. I’ve also produced promotional videos for Reversaroller and more.

David Abrams and I have created two books, Stepping Stones on the Path of Life and Blessings for the Animal Nations, which include photographs by me and writings by David. Additionally, I created a third book, Angels Rest Blessings, to be used during placements at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. I’ve been an Angels Rest caretaker for 10 years and I’ve tried to capture the spiritual essence of Angels Rest through my photography.

I support a variety of charities including the Greyhound GangAs Good as Gold Golden Retriever Rescue, The Whale Foundation, and the Healing Arts exhibit at the Kane County Hospital, by donating a percentage of proceeds or pieces of art for auction.

To send me a message, learn more about me or to send an inquiry please visit my contact page.